Network Layout

Here is my Layer 1-2 network layout. All links are 802.1Q trunks unless otherwise noted.

Also: GC=Game Controller; AP=Access Point; SB=Slingbox, C160=Cisco Ironport C160, WLC=Wireless LAN Controller, TS=Terminal Server

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You can also click here to read about my travails in setting up an Etherchannel between my Catalyst 3560 and the vSwitch in the ESX host labelled "ESX2".


Moved Etherchannel to N1KV<->Cat3560 vs. vSwitch0<->Cat3560

OK. I've made one more change. I didn't think it would be any fun (though it was instructive) leaving the Etherchannel between vSwitch0 (standard switch on ESX host) and the Catalyst3560. Since most of my servers are connected to VLANs on port-profiles on the Nexus1000V, I thought it would be more useful (and faster) to run the Etherchannel between the Nexus1000V and the Catalyst3560.

Deltas on Nexus1000V
So, I moved vmnic0 on the ESX host to the Nexus1000V (from vSwitch0) and configure a port-channel interface on the Nexus1000V on the 2x uplink ports, Ethernet3/1 and Ethernet3/3. I also have a Snort sensor sitting on a SPAN port. Since one of the system-uplink ports was the source for the SPAN monitor session, and that port was now a member of the port-channel, I had to change the source interface for the monitor session to the port-channel versus the physical interface.

Deltas on Catalyst 3560
On the Catalyst side, I took GigabitEthernet 0/6 out of the port-channel and put Gig 0/7 in, leaving Gig 0/2 in the port-channel since it was now connected to the Nexus 1000V. I also had to revert the load-balancing algorithm for the Etherchannel to the default for the Catalyst. Works great.

Nice how-to from Cisco at this link here->

One other change: Now the

One other change: Now the NICs on ESX1 are respectively vmnic2 and vmnic3. (vs. vmnic0 and vmnic1) I just upgraded the server from a PowerEdge 1950 Gen I to a Gen III and it now has 2 sockets x 4 cores instead of 1 socket x 2 cores. When ESXi rebooted into the new environment it renamed the NICs (it's a Unix thing) and I had to re-assign them to respectively the standard switch, vSwitch0 and the Nexus 1000V distributed virtual switch.