Extending Virtual Switch Infrastructure Across 2 DCs

I have further reconfigured my virtual switch infrastructure in my data centre.  I now have two Cisco Nexus 1000V distributed switches whose VSMs (Virtual Switch Modules) back one another up across two data centres.  The switch fabric is constructed on two Virtual Ethernet Modules (VEMs), with VEM 3 in one data centre and VEM 4 in the other.

I have also configured an ESXi dVS (distributed Virtual Switch) which is shared (ie: "distributed") between the 2 DCs. 

This is all illustrated in the attached diagram:

A cleaner look at my Network Layout

This is my latest network layout. I now have port channels using the Etherchannel protocol between my physical 3560 "core" switch and a Nexus 1000V switch in each of my 2 ESXi hosts. One of my ESX hosts, ESX2, I use for testing purposes and the other ESX host, ESX1, is more or less used for my production network. I have my BES (BlackBerry Enterprise Servers), Active Directory, Exchange, DNS and web servers (ie: this site!) on ESX1. I have other devices not pictured taken from the virtual product portfolio of Cisco's....devices like ASA1000V, VSG, virtual email security appliance (ESAv) and virtual web security appliance (WSAv). My main firewalls are currently Cisco ASAv (virtual ASAs) configured Active/Standby between the two ESXi hosts.

Lots of fun!

Automatically Reboot DSL modem Daily

I was faced with the problem that when my tenants aren't in our townhouse I have no one to reboot the DSL modem when it loses sync. Why is this a problem? It's because my "data centre" is there. Email servers, this web server, etc., are all hosted there. My DSL provider regularly runs into uptime issues (don't they all?) so I needed a way to automatically reboot the modem every day in the wee hours of the morning. So what to do?

Network Layout

Here is my Layer 1-2 network layout. All links are 802.1Q trunks unless otherwise noted.

Also: GC=Game Controller; AP=Access Point; SB=Slingbox, C160=Cisco Ironport C160, WLC=Wireless LAN Controller, TS=Terminal Server

You can click on the image to download it from Photobucket.
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